Linda's Feral Cat Assistance
  Sally Feral Cats, are cats who have had little or not contact with human beings. We do find homes for their offsprings, but the adult cats are very difficult to tame, so we believe the most humane thing to do is to protect them and leave them live out their lives in managed colonies.

Our Feral Cat Program: The TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release method is our effort to control the overpopulation of unwanted cats. Feral/Stray cats are humanely trapped, brought to our vet for spaying or neutering. The cats are then returned to their colonies, where they can live out their lives. Our caretakers feed the cats daily and shelters are provided to protect them against the elements. Our goal is to prevent unwanted kittens, provide food, shelter and monitor sick and injured cats so we can medically care for them.

The tip of their ear is notched for recognition, this does not hurt the cat, it's a way for us to recognize the neutered/spayed cats. This "ear tipping" can actually save a cats life. The CACC (City Animal Control Center) who also control over population, but by other means, will see the tipped ear and no that it's part of a TNR program and will not have it euthanasied.

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