Linda's Feral Cat Assistance
William was was only three weeks old when found in a trash can. He was so young he had to be bottle fed and nursed like a baby.
Update: Due to the patience of his new owner and the wonderful vets of the Humane Society, William is now a huge tomcat in charge of four other housemates.
On July 4th 2001, little Teabag was found under a pile of trash. He was only nine weeks old, full of fleas, and his eyes were so badly infected he could not open them for weeks.
Update:Was adopted along with William and lives in a very loving home along with four other cats.
teabag & adam Teabag & Adam
Biscuit was found in a backyard in Queens. He was about ten weeks and and suffering from an upper respiratory infection and was having serious trouble breathing. This little kitten was so sick he had to spent 4 days in the hospital.
Update: Was adopted by the co-founder of Kitty Cat Caretakers and shares a home with four other cats. His favorite game is fetch, he'd spent hours chasing and retrieving little toys.
Barkley found near death in a back yard was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Update: Has been adopted and is living very happily with three other felines.

Ella & AsterWhen the owner of a local deli, decided he did not want this mom and her two little kittens around anymore, he planned to just dump them on the street. Fortunatly for them, one of our Kitty Cat Caretaker members was there to take them in.
Update: Mom and kittens were adopted into loving homes.
Ella & Aster
Oren, was rescued from a boy who was kicking and slamming him against a wall in Woodside. (currently under investigation by the A.S.P.C.A.) One of our rescue workers was able to crawl under a car and catch the terrified cat. He was placed with foster- parents in December.
Update:Oren's foster parents decided to adopt him and is happily living in Las Vegas
This little six month old abandoned kitten was found on Valentine's day so we named him Valentine. His eye was so badly swollen, the vet couldn't say if he still had an eye. He suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia, not that holds him back, he's as lively as any other kitten, even with one eye. Currently he's being fostered with Oren.
Update: The swelling has gone down and Valentine's eye has much improved, the vet believes he can see with both eyes. Valentine is an adorable, little kitten, I have never heard a cat purr so loudly. But he needs an owner who has had experience with cats that have special needs. He is currently living at Animal Haven with other cats suffering from Cerebellar Hypoplasia.
In 2004, Valentine was sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where he has a permanent home.
This is Princess, although we were unsuccessful in trapping her feral mother, we did find this beautiful little kitten a very happy home. Princess
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