Linda's Feral Cat Assistance
  The first time you pick up your little kitten or cat, you fall instantly in love. We know that pets have relatively short lifes, but it.s not something we dwell on and are never prepared when the time comes. It.s one of the hardest descisions you will ever have to make - euthanizing you pet.

We turn the descision over and over again, Did I try hard enough to find the best possible care for my pet? Maybe blaming yourself for the mistakes you think you made? Or thinking, should I have fed him a different diet? Perhaps I should have taken him to the vet sooner? She was sick and I kept shouting at her for making a mess.

You are not alone. All of us who have deeply loved our pets experience this type of doubt and guilt.and sorrow. Instead focus on all the positive memories you and your pet shared and give yourself credit for all the good things you did for her/him. Don't doubt yourself or blame yourself you did the very best you could for your cat.

There are many on-line sites and groups where you can seek comfort and support while dealing with the grief and guilt . The Five Stages of Mourning | Pet Loss Resourse | Light A Candle| Photographs

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