Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

Mopsy, Topsy, Cottontail & Peter

These four kittens were rescued from a garden in Woodside. All kittens were quite sick and suffering from serious eye infections, ear-mites and ring worm Their eyes treated with an antibiotics cream and one of our foster dad's kept them for one month. The Humane Society has all four kittens, they are currently up for adoption.

Update: Cottontail & Peter are now happily living in new homes

Mopsy:the lively one

Topsy:the hisser

Cottontail: Not that you can tell from these photo's but Cottontail is beautiful, she was very ill, suffering from an upper respitory infection, and a serious eye infection. We didn't think she would survive. But her eyes cleared up and she was the first to be adopted.

Peter:the shy one

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