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  mom and babies An amazing 70,000 kittens and puppies are born in this country each year; compare that figure to the 10,000 human babies born. As you can imagine there is just not enough homes for all these animals. Sadly 4 to 6 million puppies, kittens, dogs and cats are euthanized yearly because there are no homes for them. That.' approximately By spaying/neutering your pet, we can eliminate this problem. In addition to saving lives, spaying and neutering can also drastically improve your pet's health and life expectancy. Pets lead healthier and longer lives. Spaying a female eliminates the possibility of uterine and ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Neutering a male reduces the risk of both prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Neutering also will make your pet more affectionate and less likely to roam, get in fights, or become lost. 64% of all the animals that are brought to shelters are euthanized. 50% of the problem lies with un-neutered males. 30% of all animals in shelters are purebreds. If you believe every animal should give birth before it is neutered/spayed, visit your local animal shelter. Animal overpopulation is not just a problem in this country it is a crisis.

Check out these photographs and see how,TNR can save unnecessary pain and suffering in animals
Mopsy, Topsy, Cottontail and Peter, 2002

All of these Kittens were pretty sick when they were rescued, but are all now healthy and are living at the Humane Society waiting for a new home.

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