Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

Feral Organisations

Safe Haven For Cats
Friends of Feral Felines
U.S.M. Feral Cat Association
The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Programe
The UT Campus Cat Coalition
Alley Cat Action (ACA)
Feral Cat Coalition
Our Feral Friends
Alley Cat Allies
The Buddy Fund
Feral Cat

Maintaining the health of a feral cat

Health Care For Feral Cats
Best Friends Sanctuary
Alley Cat Allies

Information on Feral Trapping

Feral Cat Trapping
Feral Cat Relocating
Alley Cat


Amby-Declawing Cats
Cats International
Oakland SPCA

Lost Your Pet:


Taking care of a cat with special needs

Little Shelter
Living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty Club
The Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness Site
VetInfo on Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Can a cat survive with 3 legs
Living with a blind cat

Helpful tips when taking care of an eldery cat

Care For My Cat
Wisconsin Humane Society
Care of the Older Cat
Animal Planet

Raising a new kittens

The Pet Care Forum
Raising Orphan Kittens
Hand Raising Kittens

Introducing New Pets

Cat Care Society

Grooming Your Cat

Pet Expo
Pet Education
Pet Planet

What to do about those pesky Hairballs

The Cat Site
Feral Cat Coalition
Purina Special Care
Cat Care 2000

Helpful Hints about cat training

Cat Care society
Karawynn Toilet Training
Cat Tricks Alternative Training Methods
Dr. Larry Lachman
Clicker Training

Shopping for your kitty

Cat Gifts
Cat Toys & Books
Pet Food Direct
Planet Pets
Dr. Good Pet

Special Offers


Getting Rid of Cat Odors

Odor Xit
Total Vac

Guide to healthly cats

Specific Breed
Cats Protection
Pets To A Good Home
The Feline Medicine Chest
Care and Nurturing of Cats
Cats in Charge
I Love Cats

Cats and nutrition

Pet Center
Animals Naturally


Cornell Feline Health Center
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)
The Truth About Cats and FIV
Animal health channel

Having a problem naming your cat!

I Love Cats
Kitty Names
Egyptian Names
Cat Names


Linda's Feral Cat Assistance
Dawn: for kittens call 718 348-1150
Humane Society
Animal Haven
New Yorkers for Companion Animals

cat grapics

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