Linda's Feral Cat Assistance

Protecting those who cannot speak for themselves.

We need foster homes for kittens/cats, who are waiting to be placed in loving homes. We can provide you with food and will be in constant contact with you in case you run into any problems.

Housing - We need volunteers who have a backyard, garage or basement to foster a cat after surgery.
We will help you!-we just need space to hold the cats to reduce risk of infection after surgery.

Trapping - Are you feeding stray cats? Please spay and neuter! We can help or loan you a humane trap and show you how you can safely trap a cat to have it spayed/neutered and prevent hundreds of unwanted kittens!

Shelter - Cats need shelter! Can you donate materials, or help us build simple cat homes. These homes are given to residents who are feeding stray cats in their backyard.

Education - We are looking for volunteers to help educate and increase public awareness of non-lethal feral cat control.
You can help by making copies of this flyer and help to distribute to your friends, neighbors and family.

Food - Help feed strays by donating food or volunteer your time to work a food drive at a local supermarket

Fund Raisers - Help raise money to buy food, shelter and offset medical costs

Kitty Caretakers - we are feeding many cats throughout the Woodside area. We have several caretakers who attend the colonies on a daily base to feed and monitor them. If you are interested in being a full-time or part-time caretaker, contact us.

Time - If you have a car/van and a little extra time, we need drivers to bring the cats to & fro the vets.

Public Relations - We need people who have computer skills a little time for Public Relations, advertisement, fund raising, grant research, grant writing, etc.

Donations - $$$ to continue to spay / neuter and inoculate and offer medical care for these cats

Other items which can be donated:
Cages / carriers to transport the cats
Dry & canned cat food
Outdoor shelters

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